chewable liquor

chewable liquor
(CHOO.uh.bul lik.ur)
Liquor distilled into a chewable, gelatin form.
Example Citation:
Every step in the advance of science and technology has resulted in a decline in the need for physical exertions.
With the advent of automobiles and railways, walking long distances has almost ceased. (Neither can the modern man afford leisurely pace in today's time-driven world.) A look at the emerging scenario. We hear of "washing machines for humans", which wash a person's body with soapy water and also blow him dry! Then, there is a "detergent-free" washing machine with an "automatic oxygen generator" built into it, while an Italian fashion house has developed a shirt that irons itself, imparted with sharp memory.
All along, men were enjoying sips of liquor poured in suitable jars. Now, a South Korean brewer has come out with "chewable liquor". (Whether this will find favour with showy and snobbish patrons given "to drinking in society", need not detain us here.)
— K. Gopalan, "Idling man," Business Line, February 13, 2003
Earliest Citation:
A South Korean brewer has come up with an alternative way for people to enjoy their favourite tipple — "chewable liquor."
Kooksoondang Brewery Co. said yesterday it had developed a gelatin form of its popular Paeksaejoo rice wine, a mild version of South Korea's fiery soju liquor.
— "First light!," The Edmonton Sun, January 12, 2002
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